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Friends Iconic Style for the Modern Age!

Image: Pinterest

As a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, many of us watch a TV show or series for one simple reason; the exciting outfits.

Aside from their compelling storyline or interesting character, Gossip Girl, Sex in the City, Mad Men, or the latest phenomenon, Emily in Paris, are considered binge-worthy just for the fashion they show on screen. But it is impossible to talk about stylish TV series without mentioning Friends.

The series might have premiered 26 years ago, but Friends’ aesthetic impact, especially on fashion and lifestyle, is still relevant and inspires us up until today. Yes, we're talking about hanging out with besties in a coffee shop, iconic hair trends, funny one-liners, and of course, the impeccable style and outfits from Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, and Rachel Green.

There are countless fascinating Friends’ fashion moments that we love. Here are some of the best styles from Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel for your inspiration.

Monica Geller

Image: Pinterest

Monica Geller is the perfect combination of a girl-next-door laidback vibe and a perfectionist's complexity. Choose her style as an inspiration if your priority is on comfort and utility. For example, mix comfortable trousers or jeans with a black crop top to make you look effortlessly stylish. Over the years, we can see Monica's influence in sneakers, ankle boots, denim, practical stylish bag, girlish hair slides, knitted t-shirt and sweater, monochromatic outfits, androgynous style, or even chic workwear.

Phoebe Buffay

Image: Pinterest

Quirky, generous, a bit sarcastic, and funny, our lovely Phoebe Buffay. Her hippie-ish outfits are a style that beyond any doubt, still relevant today. She also influenced bohemian fashion with her maxi patterned dresses, long wavy hair, unique layering, and her clever mixture of vintage looks with boots or accessories. Some of her style even can be categorized into today's music festival style, since she's pretty talented (and funny) in that particular area too.

Rachel Green

Image: Pinterest

The one and only Rachel Green. She's the Friends' "fashion queen" and one of the style icons of the '90s. As a pop culture influencer (even before the term was discovered), she's the one who's responsible for the trends of plaid, mini skirts, crop t-shirts, tight sweaters, the gingham, knee-high boots, fantastic dresses, and many others. There's certainly something alluring about Rachel's fashion aesthetic and her choice in fashionable bags that empower each of her on-screen looks.

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