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Give your Toddler the Best Start in Life

SOGO / 01 16, 2019 / Kids

Raising a child is one of the greatest milestones in life. In order to provide the best for your little ones, we have compiled a list of collection that will help you choose items that will guide you through the exciting yet challenging journey as new parents. 

Lightweight Stroller

Parents surely want to go with their little ones everywhere, which makes having a stroller one of your priorities. This handy invention makes your life easier, and it is important to make sure that you own the lightest, most practical, and versatile stroller. Oyster – Zero by Luvable Friends is suitable for babies from birth up to 20kg, made of lightweight aluminium chassis, with spacious and comfortable seat.

Memory Foam Buggy

Now this is a secret you’d be glad to know. This layer of foam works like magic to help your baby get calm and cozy. First, it perfectly adapts to your baby’s body shape even though they grow quite fast. Second, it provides the best support for their head, neck, and back. Third, it’s an overlay for your car seat and strollers to prevent your baby from slipping.

Baby’s Fashion

Most parents want to doll up their little ones and turn them into little fashionistas. However, it is important to note that your babies’ clothes must not only satisfy your fashion taste- but also adhere to your babies’ sensitive skin. This Devon shirt from HEYBOY is perfect to showcase your little prince’s dashing looks. For the little lady, pretty up your little princess with this Party Dress from Infine and make all eyes turn in to her.

Power Blender

Feeding your babies’ nutritious food is important for them to grow. Since solid food is difficult to digest, turning them to blended puree that is easy to consume is the only option. SEVERIN Power Blender will help you turn their favorite smoothies, shakes, hot soups & sauces, dips, baby foods, crushed ice and much more to a perfect mix. With the highest speed in the shortest time and high-grade detachable bowl with easy-pour spout in BPA-free plastic to carry the blended food, your toddler will surely enjoy the taste while getting all the nutrition they need. 

Wooden Building Block

Keep your kids away from gadgets, and let them entertain themselves with real toys. Educational toys like this Oops - Wooden Building Blocks from Luvable is perfect for your baby. Not only it will keep them entertained, physical toys also trains their fine motor skill and sparks their creativity. Let your kids play while developing their mind and body.

Swimming Lessons!

Kids love swimming. Period. Your little ones are really fond of water. Especially in tropical climates, that cool splash of water will surely make them giggle. Swimming is also an excellent physical activity that let them exercise with very little risk of injury. But you of course want to give them more protection. Protect their eyes with this ultra-cute swimming goggles from Bling20. Your kids will surely love the fun design while you can be sure that their delicate eyes will be protected from harsh elements.

Happy Backpack

While your kids are starting to have more activities outside, they also start to have more items to be carried around. Why not train your children to be responsible by having them carry some of it themselves? This cute little backpacks from Luvable Friends is a cute accessory for toddlers while being sturdy enough to be used for a long time.

So there you have it, a nice selection for you and your kids. A collection of items that is not only satisfying to give to your beloved, but is also exciting and beneficial for them. Get all the items you need in just one click away, only from


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