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How to Be A Superwoman: 5 Iconic & Inspiring Ladies

MAPEMALL / 03 08, 2020 / Inspiring Ladies

Dear Ladies of Mapemall, do you know that on the 8th of March, we’re celebrating the International Women’s Day? This year, the UN have decided on a theme of “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. So, in this article, we’re discussing 5 powerful women who have made strides and progress in women’s equality.

Women can be strong yet still be stunning and stylish, that’s a privilege only women can have. We’ll see that these 5 women are also style icons, and we’ll peek into their fashion, so that you ladies can wear what they wear and be as powerful.

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States should never be taken lightly. Not only she has shown much support to make her husband the number 1 person in the US twice, but she also spearheaded her own humanitarian movement, especially on the field of women empowerment. Health, education, poverty, nutrition, rights, and many more. She spearheaded her own initiative for healthier eating and combating obesity. She also supported American designers, and considered to be a fashion icon. Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy due to her sense of style. She’s often seen with gorgeous dresses, earning her a spot on “Best Dressed People” list from various publications, even getting on the cover of Vogue three times. Adopt her poise and grace by wearing this  MANGO Printed Shirt Dress for your next social event.

Kate Middleton

While it’d still be some time before she become the Queen Consort of England, Catherine “Kate” Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is already known as a powerful and beloved royal by the world. She spends her time on humanitarian campaigns, especially on the field of young children, addiction, and art. She also spearheaded a mental health awareness campaign with her husband, and they both have a foundation for more charity works. Middleton has always been a stylish woman, and her stint in the fashion industry in her 20s shaped her to be a fashion icon. Her presence has been dubbed the “Kate Middleton Effect” by various fashion publications such as Vogue, where everything she was caught wearing will cause a fashion trend between her admirers. She’s also fond of wearing High Street Brands, not just designer’s items on her daily activities. As a Royal, she have to attend many events which forces her to walk around and stand for hours, so comfortable shoes such as this Arlene Heels from NINE WEST combined with gel or padded leather insole can work wonders for both her and your feet in alleviating pain. 

Anna Wintour

We’ve mentioned Vogue twice before, and there’s a reason why. As a premiere name in fashion, Vogue holds a revered place in the heart of fashionistas. And there’s one lady who’s the top dog of Vogue. That’s Right, Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988. Wintour is a legendary figure, even almost mystical, in the fashion world. As chief editor of the biggest fashion publication, Wintour’s eyes and decisions will surely influence and shape the fashion industry itself. She has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful people in fashion, setting trends, and anointing new designers. She’s also known for her strong and demanding personality, delightfully portrayed in the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. Personally, Wintour is widely known for her bob haircut and dark sunglasses. For her the sunglasses are not only practical, because they’re actually prescription lenses, but also serves as an armour in her job among fashion’s industry power player. With these SWATCH – The Eyes of Aretha, you can also adopt her style and assert your power in your workplace.

Serena Williams

Moving on from fashion to another field that is Sports. This lady can be considered the queen of the court. Holding a total of 39 Grand Slam titles, Serena Williams is no doubt a living legend. Starting her pro career at 14 years old, the younger Williams finally won Wimbledon at 2002, beating Venus, her older sister at the final. Serena is still going strong until now, all while raising a daughter she recently had. Playing a powerful and aggressive style of tennis, she’s hailed by many coaches, fellow athletes, and sportscasters to be one of the best female tennis players of the Open Era. Serena has also shown many unique fashions and became a sensation because of the outfits she wore both on and off the court. If you wanna be awesome like her, your workout attire should never be boring too. You can wear this Nike Indy Air GRX Women's Bra, and be striking anywhere you do your exercise.


Our final icon in this list need no further intro. It’s the Badgal herself, Rihanna. Ever since her Umbrella days, Riri has been a fashion icon, her style loved and imitated by many. Over time, she sold over 250 million records and earned 14 Grammys, cementing her place as one of the world’s best-selling musician. Rihanna keeps inventing her style over time. Her image and fashion have changed several times since the release of her third album, to the point of that her wardrobe is the most talked-about, influential and dissected in pop right now. She has collaborated with many big fashion brands like Armani, Dior, Manolo Blahnik, among many others. Finally, she debuted her own line, Fenty, with Puma, resulting in her deal with LVMH and branching her brand to beauty, ready-to-wear, lingerie, and jewelry. Fenty is a beloved brand worldwide as they cater to people of color. With her full power of fashion and style, you can become like her by adding special touch of accessories to your daily look with this Swarovski Glowing Moon Necklace.

So there we have it, 5 wonderful, powerful, and inspirational ladies that all women can strive to be like. As we said, they’re not only well decorated, but also wonderfully well dressed. An old saying says that you should dress like the person you want to be, so you should add power to your style with 5 items that we’ve selected for you. Get them at Mapemall, a one stop lifestyle shopping destination, and receive the item without shipping fee via our Click and Collect feature.