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Skin Care Secrets for A Perfect Tropical Country Skin

SOGO / 05 16, 2019 / Beauty

For all of us who live in a tropical country like Indonesia, skincare definitely needs extra attention. Because the tropical climate tends to be hot and humid, keeping your skin healthy and beautiful could be a little bit of a tricky issue.

Skin with too much humidity can cause the pores to be clogged by oil. However, overly dry skin can also make it dehydrated and prone to acne. Tricky, right?

The solution for perfect skin hydration is by routinely taking care of it with the proper skincare products. We’ve chosen a list of products for you to keep your skin perfect.

1. Cleanser, the Most Important Basic

Typical hot weather in the tropics can cause us to sweat easily. On that point, skin pores are more vulnerable to bacteria, dirt and dust, leaving our skin prone to acne as a result.

To keep it healthy, it’s not enough to just clean your facial skin once. It’s also important do double cleansing. First you can use micellar water, followed by facial cleanser, whether gel or foam. The benefit of double cleansing is that would help your routine night-time skincare. Serum and essence can also be absorbed more easily by your skin.

For morning time, it's ok to clean your skin just once. Because excessive cleansing can actually lead to dry skin, which will produce acne easier. Get a clearer skin by choosing these various cleansers that are suitable for your skin type.

2. Keep the Moisturizer in Mind

Whatever the type and condition of your skin, whether it's dry skin, oily skin or acne-prone skin, everything needs to be optimally hydrated. Other than exposure to sunlight, dirt, dust, or a low level of moisture can easily make your skin looks dull.

Not only in the morning, but moisturizer is also important to be used at night. Especially because our skin regenerates at night. Applying a moisturizer can also be done after you use a serum.

With the right moisturizer, your facial skin will look healthier and suppler when you wake up in the morning.

3. The Importance of Sunscreen

After applying your moisturizer, don't forget to use sunscreen, especially for those of you who are more active outdoors. The use of foundation or BB cream that have SPF can also be an added value, but it will be more optimal if you use a dedicated sunscreen.

Sunscreen also has many benefits, like preventing skin cancer, counteracting premature skin aging and protecting the skin from blackheads or sunburn. Look for a sunscreen with a water-resistant formula that can last well on your skin, even when you're sweating. Here are some sunscreens that you can choose.

When your skin is well-protected, you can do all your activities happier!

4. Make It Always Fresh with Face Mist!

Although the use of a face mist appears to be optional, it actually has many important duties, especially in the hot, humid and dry tropical air.

Not only it will make your skin look fresher, but face mist also has many other important roles that are vital in maintaining healthy skin, such as controlling excessive oil production, guarding the skin from free radicals, enhancing the durability of your make-up, and maximizing the skincare work. To make it even more practical, a face mist can also be used to wet a beauty sponge or a beauty blender before applying your makeup.

You want to look fresh every time, right? Let's choose the face mist that suits you!

5. A Healthier Face, a Healthier Lips

Besides emphasizing your facial skin care, the healthiness of your lips should also not be taken for granted. Moreover, our lips don't have oil glands, so they cannot produce it naturally. One way to keep your lips humid and fresh is to use a lip balm.

In any case, dry or cracked lips is not charming at all for your look. Besides being unhealthy, dry lips will also make it difficult when applying lipstick. A lip balm is also perfect for you who want a fuller lip shape. By using lip balm, you will get a full, moist tantalizing lips.

Don't let the hot and dry air turn your lips dry. With our selection of lip balm products, now you can apply them anytime, anywhere between your activities.


So, those are some skin care products that you should use to maintain your skin's well-being in a tropical climate. Go through all your activities with enthusiasm, because having a healthy skin is easier now with Mapemall!


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