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For as long as showbiz has existed, people from all ages always look up to the celebrities and try to emulate their idols’ fashion style. Whether it is the ancient Greek Theatre, to the classic Golden Age Hollywood, to modern day social media darlings, stars have always been the benchmark for what is considered trendy fashion. Here we have curated some of our favorite celebrity fashion trends that you can copy without needing your own personal stylist.

Beautiful in White

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian West is arguably one of the top when it comes to women’s fashion style. She is a thirty-eight years old mother of three that keeps on breaking the internet by pulling one trendy fashion after another with her iconic looks. Here is one of our favorite Kim Kardashian’s iconic all-white outfits and pssst it could be yours too

Kill it like Kim! Wrap yourself on your choice of white on white for this season’s fashion trends. Go either two-piece, or one-piece route. You can combine SAYEE - Namu Long Striped Shirt with Esye’s Liv Skirt for the ultimate sweet and sexy look. Or, if you just want something simpler and easier, consider this Parker Dress from Love and Flair for that instant Kim K fashion style.

Pinky Perfection

The Hadid sisters, Queens of Catwalk, Queens of Social Media, and Queens of Women’s Fashion. But here we are specifically talking about the elder Hadid, Gigi. Being in the top 50 models list is surely   a testament to her fashion style. Day in and day out, Gigi Hadid always give the world her best trendy fashion, gorgeous and ready to be caught by paparazzi and her admirers.

It is no wonder that she can effortlessly look perfect in pink, something that we surely aspire to copy. Yes, she loves pink, and because of that, maybe we should too! Get her pink fashion style by donning yourself a pair from Reves Studio’s Velvet Suits and Short. Top it off with another dash of pink and bring your trendy fashion to perfection with Nila Anthony’s Flamingo Crossbody Bag.

Stripes are Sharp!

Even back when she just started her career as a member of Spice Girls, she was already dubbed as Posh Spice. Yes, Posh, or now famously known as Victoria Beckham, is destined to be a women’s fashion muse from the start. Now the wife of a former soccer mega star, the Beckhams are a power couple in the world of trendy fashion. Expanding her wings to the world of fashion, Victoria is now a mother of four, a fashion designer, and a manager of her own brands too.

Looking sharp as always, Victoria shows her striped women’s fashion in full gear. Stripes have been a trendy fashion for the last couple of years, so it is not hard to steal her look. Sharpen your daily fashion style with these striped pants from Reves Studio and Me&City.

Bold in Red

There is a group of people who historically has always been the original fashion style trendsetter.        We are talking about The Royals, and this time, our Royal is the always amazing Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has been gracing many publications’ best-dressed list for years. Her trendy fashion is timeless, and even her women’s fashion was titled as The Kate Middleton Effect.

Not just exclusively wearing couture, the future Queen of England is also no stranger for High Street fashion style to grace her daily look. Her Royal Highness is often seen wearing bold colors such as red to attend press conferences or charity events as part of her job. Her fondness for bold simplicity in women’s fashion can easily be replicated with this gorgeous red Dress 615 from Lily.

Smooth Velvet

Speaking of The Royals, here we have another one, who albeit fictional, brought such impact to the world of fashion style. It’s Queen Amidala from Star Wars, but we are actually talking about the actress, Natalie Portman. Winning an Oscar for Best Actress in 2011, Natalie Portman has been an icon in Hollywood women’s fashion for far longer.  As a vegan and animal rights advocate, she stays away from fur, feathers, and leathers. Having her own vegan footwear brand, she is very much a leader of eco-friendly trendy fashion.

She is usually happy to go with a simple look, and let her grace does the talking. As seen on this occasion, you do not need extravagant fur or leather to look stunning. A simple long black velvet dress is enough to show her immaculate fashion style. Get your own elegant velvet dress like this Paulina Katarina - Vanessa Dress or be bold in this Cicely Drees from Love and Flair.

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