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Stylish Inspiration for Your Ramadan Iftar Gathering

MAPEMALL / 06 27, 2019 / Style

Ramadan is here. For Muslim all around the world, it’s a time to welcome the Holy Month of spiritual reflection, a sense of goodness and lots of giving back to others.

Some of truest essences of Ramadan are the importance of sharing and appreciating moments with families and friends. Which means a lot of us will be busy with a handful of iftar gathering or fast-breaking events. And to be honest, who doesn’t want to look good on their iftar party?

Seeing this annual Holy Month as a moment to dress in a new approach and make yourself glowing, from the inside and outside, here are some stylish ideas and iftar-essential items that you can always use.

Dress at Its Best

For all the ladies, choosing a modest outfit for an Iftar event without sacrificing the stylish look is as challenging as the fasting itself. For this situation, simplicity is the key, and a great up-to-date dress or blouse will make it perfect. An ideal cross between modest and stylish, dresses also highly associated with elegance and useful for both indoor or outdoor iftar party. The ultimate secret for success in this situation is to choose dresses or blouses that are not too revealing which will perfectly suit the event.

Small Details Matter

Aside from fast-breaking and having a meal together in harmony, an iftar gathering is an excellent moment to share your alluring look. To make everyone turn their heads at you, accentuating your style with the right accessories is an absolute necessity. For a successful fashionable iftar night, you can wear basic jewelry like a necklace, a bracelet or choosing other lowkey women’s accessories.

The One and for All

Handbag is a wonderful complement to your stylish iftar looks. It’s useful in every way, has a vital role for modern women and one of the greatest things to be mix-and-match-ed with your outfit or shoes. You can carry your daily essentials and iftar needs manageably in it, without losing your fashionable sense. In order to get the casual chic look, you can combine your pretty yet practical handbag with flat shoes or sneakers.

 The Basic’s Magic

It’s no surprise that a lot of iftar gathering also happens on weekdays, right after most working hours. For such situations, a great shirt is what you basically need. Considered as an essential outfit for men, a sharp shirt is the one thing that can create a strong visual impression in defining who you are. A good tip for you is to choose shirts for men with natural or basic color to bring out your charm and personality.

Men of Statement

There’s a wise sentence saying, “we can tell a lot about a man by his shoes”. Yes, an iftar gathering is the perfect time to show what kind of man you really are… with your shoes. Most of the iftar parties have casual or semi-formal atmosphere and great-looking sneakers would be an excellent choice to wear. Besides its wide playability to be combined with jeans, trousers or chinos, sneakers are also known for its high level of comfort. You can pair your best men’s sneakers with a casual shirt or other semi-formal outfits to go for an elegant statement.

The Timeless Accessory

A watch is an elemental and one of the most crucial accessories that a man should wear. Especially, for an annual event like iftar gathering where you will catch-up with old friends and the not-so-often-to-meet families. Great watches will significantly improve your style and make you look composed in taking care of things for this annual event. For this occasion, a classic and stylish kind of men’s watches will bond extremely well with your favorite semi-formal look.

We understand that it’s important for you to look modest but still fashionably good at an annual event like iftar gathering. With these selections of products to add to your looks, you can always expect a successful stylish iftar night. For your convenience, you can shop these collections only at


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