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MAPEMALL / 06 20, 2019 / Holiday

Summer’s out and school holiday is coming! Each year, families across the country visit various tourist attractions, local or abroad, to spend summer holiday with their kids.

In order to make your summer family holiday stay in style, hassle-free and organized, here’s a useful to-bring-list that might help you and your family. Let’s go!

The Travel Companion

Quality luggage or suitcase is vital for any family trip. For frequent travelers, luggage with great quality is also a very good investment. You should choose luggage based on their durability, function and design. Beyond that, your luggage should look stylishly good and equipped with optimized interior space, meets the airlines’ requirements and have solid zippers, wheels and handles.

Small Detail, Huge Purpose

There are small pieces of things that you really can’t live without. These personal details are crucially proven on each and every trip; toiletries, ready-to-go makeup, wipes, hand sanitizer, first-aid kit, band-aid, earphones, lip balm, sunscreen, and more. Tidying up these things into a travel kit or one set of pouches is basically a must for any kind of trip. You never know when you’re going to need one of those ‘small’ details.

Keep the Mood

School holiday is a great moment to bring your kids to a lot of interesting places. But whether you're travelling by train, airplane, a ship, or on a road trip with your own car, keeping your kids in a good mood is one absolute necessity. Kids tend to get bored or grumpy easily, especially on a long trip. Trying to keep them entertained with practical on-the-road toys might be the best solution. Keep them in mood, so you can focus on other things.

Walking on Sunshine

Summer holiday is a time for family. There are a lot of fun and interesting activities for kids or families and it’s mostly about outdoor, summer camp, amusement parks, and the beach. One thing that you really have to make sure is how to keep all these activities enjoyable and safe. Don’t forget to prepare for summer holiday must-have like umbrellas, swimwear/swimsuits, goggles, outdoor toys, and swimming cap for your kids.

Walking on Sunshine

Traveling to inspiring and diverse places, whether going solo or with a company, is one of the best ways to feed your soul. One fundamental thing that you and your family should do is to stay safe and comfortable. To ensure the safety and comfort of your family holiday, here are some other must-have traveling essentials that will definitely help.

- Passport Holder/Wallet

We don’t need to tell you how important is your passport, right?

- Travel Pillow

Avoid pain in the neck (literally) while on-the-go sleep. Sometimes travel pillow also appear in fun colors and animals so it’s basically kinda’ cute.

- Luggage Straps

Because a hard bump or drop can strain your luggage/suitcase’s closure.

- Sleep Shade

Sleeping in long-hours flight or road trip, anyone. 

- Travel Padlocks

Because anything can happen, basically. Always be safe. Lock and secure your luggage.

- Waist-pack

It’s highly functional and can carry a lot of vital things; passport, money, and phone.

- Travel Adapter/Converter

Especially when you bring electronic devices. It never hurts to be prepared.

With good planning and a perfect to-bring-list, the only thing that will last from your family holiday is the great moments. No hassle, no troubles, just a memorable annual school holiday with your family and loved ones.

These selected summer holiday essentials are all available on Mapemall. For a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience, you can also purchase it online and pick it up directly at the store with Click & Collect. Have a great holiday!


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