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Together in Blessings with Healthy & Hydrated Skin

Welcoming Ramadan! In this difficult and challenging times, holy month’s best traits like a sense of togetherness, inner positivity, and an active lifestyle are really important. Keeping your general well-being is becoming more crucial than ever.

One of the parts of your body that has to endure a lot of stress, for the time being, is your skin. Several factors can reduce the healthiness of your skin, like sudden excessive exposure to the air conditioner, chemical residue from hand sanitizer, or the lesser amount of water to our body because of fasting.

During these isolation times, keeping healthy and hydrated skin is beneficial and highly important. The healthiness of your skin is basically a direct reflection of your general body health. Besides nurturing our skin with enough sleep, healthy food, regular workout, and a sufficient dose of sunshine, your skin also needs self-care treatment.

Let’s take a look at the list below to find our top recommendation to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during Ramadan.

Sweet Cherry Lips

Dry and chapped lips will likely happen in the times of Ramadan. Not only because of fasting but also from other factors like cold or damp indoor temperature during quarantine, dry air, etc. Since the skin of your lips is the thinnest than any other parts on your facial skin, using a lip balm will make sure that your lips are well hydrated, soft, and healthy.

Your Skin’s Defender

Moisturizing your facial skin routinely is important. It will decrease the risks of any skin problems. Using the perfect kind of moisturizer for your skin can help to preserve its balance and act as your skin's defence to keep it healthy. When your skin is too dry or too oily, a lot of skin problems will more likely to pop out.

Soft, Smooth, and Gentle

The main importance of body lotion is its ability to keep your skin supple and youthful. Body lotion will help your skin to fight the evil dryness that makes your skin look older. Choose a body lotion that will nourish your skin after your morning shower, leaving skin feeling soft and supple with a gentle fragrance.

A Face of Purity

A sheet mask’s main purpose is to nourish your skin. A purifying hero that can help to stabilize your skin tone, lighten exhausted and stressed out skin, and brighten dull spots. A sheet mask is also a perfect option for sensitive skin since they have fewer chances to irritate.

The Refreshing Antioxidant

A hydrating facial mist will instantly awaken your skin with a soothing touch of refreshment. You can spray it on any occasion and situation to make your skin feeling reinvigorated and healthy; in the morning, pre-touch-up, after stressful daily activities, or before your beauty sleep. Choose a hydrating mist that rich in antioxidants and vitamins to let your natural beauty shine.

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Last but not least, we hope that you and all of your closest ones are safe. Yes, there are greater things to be concerned about, but let's give positive mindset a bigger chance by finding more comfort in self-care, togetherness, and staying active. Happy Fasting!