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Together in Spirit: Making the Most of Lebaran at Home

Mapemall / 5 8, 2020 / Eid Al-Fitr

This year’s Lebaran will be different. Our challenging and life-changing situation will alter so many things related to Lebaran’s festivity.

But let’s not make Lebaran in 2020 less meaningful. Let's adjust, adding positive spins, and focus on what we're always grateful for; the togetherness with our closest ones and the comfort of home. Since the global travel restrictions and government's homecoming ban also took place, let’s adopt this moment to prepare our Lebaran at home as best as we can. Together with your family, it's time to redecorate, clean, and make a simple home makeover to create a festive and comfortable Lebaran atmosphere.

Below, you'll find our recommended ways to keep this year's Lebaran alive, even when you're celebrating it at home during times of social distancing and self-isolation.

Eats Together, Stays Together

In today's society, the idea of a family sitting down to eat together may seem almost too good to be true. The truth is, when a family eats together, they spend time doing one of the most delightful things; eating. A festive moment like Lebaran is one perfect occasion for an intimate family feast. To make it more enjoyable, try to decorate your dining table with something special, e.g., a nice table runner, glass coaster, decorated plate and cutlery, placemat, or a flower vase.

A Room’s Aesthetic

Need to redecorate your house for a stylish Lebaran at home? Try to match up your throw pillows. These tiny details are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to reconstruct your home decor. We use throw pillows on sofas, chairs, couches, and beds. Besides aesthetic value, throw pillows also have health advantages; help you to sit or lie correctly to keep your spine in the right position.

Lebaran Family Flicks

There are limitless ways to reconnect with your family, especially during these times of Ramadan-Lebaran isolation. A family movie time is one potential way to reconnect and bring back all the laughter. Thanks to all the streaming services on the market today, you can choose various genres to watch. Don't forget to polish this happy moment with enjoyable finishing touches; a healthy snack and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

The Cookie Master

On a positive note, quarantine days bring us endless chances to learn or to try a lot of new things. That includes improving your cooking or baking skills. Lebaran is always related to cookies and food, so it’s the best time to prove your baking skill by making your own Lebaran cookies. To make it more comfortable, don’t forget to prepare all the tools you need; measuring cups, wooden spoons, spatula, a reliable mixer, a whisk, rolling pin, and other kitchen essentials.

Set the Mood of Your House

Some say that no space is complete until there's a decent, stylish rug securing the room. No matter the pattern or the style, a rug has something special to offer that will keep a room more attractive. As we all know, Lebaran is one of the most perfect moments to redecorate and show-off some of the best spots in your house. Let’s imagine yourself doing a Zoom call or post an Instagram Story with a great rug as the subtle attraction.

These Lebaran at home recommendations are all available on Mapemall. So, #AtHomeWithUs, shop online, and stay healthy. You can also purchase it online with "Pay & Pick" at the nearest store location.

Just as importantly, we hope that you and all your closest ones are safe. Let's focus on lifting ourselves and others, to make us feel happier, healthier, and more connected. Happy Eid el-Fitr!