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How to Make Your Valentine’s Day More Meaningful

MAPEMALL / 02 13, 2020 / Valentine

Over the years, we finally realized that Valentine’s Day and romance is not always around chocolate, teddy bears holding an “I-love-you” sign or a romantic flower bouquet. Though those things might still be sweet and tender, on a very personal level, Valentine’s Day and romance should be more meaningful than that.

Everyone has their version of a ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day. But we also believe that making the people we love happy is never wrong. With a bit of imagination and creativity, this year’s Valentine’s Day can be made into one memorable festivity to the people you love. Here’s how.

1. Key Preparation: Fragrance Matters

Never underestimate the importance of a good fragrance. For any events related to Valentine’s Day, from fancy restaurant dinner to an intimate gathering of friends or families, one versatile perfume like this CK One Eau de Toilette can do the trick. Revolutionary designed to be unisex, thus can be used by both men and women, this perfume is a fragrance that resembles purity, sensuality, and a loving unity between you and your partner.

2. Set the Mood Right

As we mentioned earlier, scents take an integral part in romance. One of the most associated scents with sensuality and romance is the sweet fragrance of lilac. To get your night going, try to place this Euodia Home’s Lilas Fragrance Diffuser at several spots in your house for your intimate Valentine’s Day event, and experience lilac’s famous ability to ease anxiety and stimulate harmonious mood.

3. Lovers’ Light That Never Goes Out

Candles are for lovers. There’s something about its twilight lit that just sets the vibe right for romance. Centuries after its invention, human creativity reinvent candles from safer materials and methods, but with the same purpose, to set the mood for love. For example, this artisan designed and most realistic flameless candle Trilogy Chevron from Enjoy. It’s a perfect LED candle for your Valentine’s Day dinner or Netflix and chill situation.

4. Give a Special Gift

A memorable gift is the one with special meaning, for that special moment and someone. Here are some of this year’s perfect selection for you.

- Gift #1: For All the Moments We Shared

Memorable moments with the people that we love will be forever kept and eternally recorded with our minds, hearts, and of course, with our smartphones. And what other phones can be a more perfect gift than the iPhone 11 Pro Max? As the latest smartphone from Apple, iPhone 11 Pro Max has tons of improvements to capture all of your sweetest Valentine’s moments; tri-lens camera array, amazing low light photography, improved battery life, bionic A13 super processor, and lots more. Available in space grey, midnight green, gold, and silver, this phone will be one of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give.

- Gift #2: What We Have Is Timeless

A watch is an excellent Valentine’s Day present to give to your special someone. Stylish and practical, a watch is a present with a personal touch that will remind them of you every time they wear it. Choosing a watch with a classic design like this Swatch Skin Notte will surely make your gift timeless. Bold but also flamboyant, its all-black look will surely reflect the strong and eternal connection of your relationship.

In regards to Valentine's Day, giving someone/people that we love a gift is a sign of love, kindness, and generosity. To make all the moments sweet and memorable, you can shop all of your Valentine’s Day essentials only at Mapemall. You can also purchase it online and pick it up directly at the store with our Click & Collect for a more comfortable shopping experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!